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Wodesen,sale of valves


Wenzhou Wodesen Valve Co., Ltd has been devoting ourselves to researching, manufacturing and selling the high quality valves. 

Our company specialize in gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, manual declutch gear box, silent lift check valve, sight glass, wafer check valves, flanged ball valve with ISO5211 mounting pad, three-way flanged ball valve with ISO5211 mounting pad, wafer ball valve with ISO5211 mounting pad, flanged ball valve with low mounting pad, three-way flanged ball valve with low mounting pad, wafer ball valve, high performance butterfly valve, etc. the materials of valves are Cast Steel (WCB,WC6,WC9,A105,LCB,etc), Stainless Steel(304,304L,316,316L, CF3,CF3M,CF8,CF8M, Duplex Stainless Steel, etc) and Special Steel. Our producing standards are according to JB&GB standard, ANSI&API standard, JIS standard and DIN standard, etc. our products are widely used in petroleum,natural gas,electricity,water,heating,chemical,steel,oil refining, metallurgy,papermaking,medicine,military,ships,construction and other industries.

‘‘Survival from our high quality; credibility based on wonderful service; development by our good credibility’’ are our best power and final aim. We try our best to promote our WODESEN brand to the market by our sophisticated equipment, advanced manufacturing technology and good honest credibility.

We are looking forward to setting up good and long-term cooperation with worldwide customers because of our advanced production technology, our perfect service and our high-quality products.

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